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KEH087: Power Up Your Performance

Kids Entertainer Podcast 087 Scott Green: Power Up Your Performance

Power Up Your Performance: Kids Entertainer Tips on Projecting the Right Image to Handling Disruptions in Your Show to Writing Comedy That Suits You Want a tighter routine, more control, and a more refined show? Lawyer turned kids entertainer/street performer/game show champion/author Scott Green shares brilliant tips on how to do all this to help…

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KEH086: The Fundamentals of Stage Craft

Kids Entertainer Podcast 086 with Danny Schlesinger: The Fundamentals of Stage Craft

The Fundamentals of Stage Craft: Going Back to the Basics of Performing for Kids Entertainers With the brimming—sometimes overwhelming—treasure trove of available information out there, sometimes we lose sight of what’s essential. In this podcast episode, Danny Schlesinger brings us back to the fundamentals of stage craft to help us pack more impact to our…

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KEH083: How to Improve Your Presence

Kids Entertainer Podcast 83 with Robert Baxt: How to Improve Your Presence

How to Improve Your Presence: Kids Entertainer Tips for a Stronger Performance and a More Responsive Audience As entertainers, we want our audience to have their eyes glued to us, hanging on our every word and applauding with delight. And more often than not, the key to achieving this lies not so much on the…

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KEH081: How to Be Funny

KEH081 David Devito: How to Be Funny - Comedy Tips for Kids Entertainers

How to Be Funny: Comedy Tips for Kids Entertainers As entertainers, we usually worry if we are funny enough. And it’s understandable. Laughter is a good indication (though it is by no means the only indication) that our audience is indeed being entertained. If comedy is something you wish you’re better at, or if you…

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How Many Tricks Do You Need to Be a Magician?

How Many Tricks Do You Need to Be a Magician

In my last post for this Tips for Starting Magicians series, I discussed what to keep in mind when choosing the tricks for your first magic show. Now I’ll focus on a question that many who are thinking of trying their hand at magic ask: how many tricks do you need to be a magician?

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Where to Find the Best Magic Tricks Part 2: Tips for Starting Magicians

Where to Find the Best Magic Tricks Part 2: Tips for Starting Magicians

Last time I talked about where you can find good, reliable, and audience-pleasing commercial tricks. In this article, we’ll talk about other things you have to remember when selecting magic tricks for your first show. Having a list of tried-and-tested tricks is a good starting point, but I would say slow down a moment. There…

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How to Approach a Restaurant to Get Work as a Magician

How to Approach a Restaurant to Get Work as a Magician: Restaurant Gigs for Kids Entertainers Part 1

Eyeing that restaurant in your area as your next client but not sure how to offer your magic services or apply for strolling work? In this new series on how to land restaurant gigs for children’s and family entertainers, we talk with Andrew Cox, a restaurant manager with over 20 years’ experience in the industry,…

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