Health, Performing and the Pandemic with Annie Banannie

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Welcome to Season 7 chapter 142 of the Kids Entertainer Podcast! Our guest for today is Annie Banannie, the Balloon Storyteller. Today we talked about keeping herself healthy during the pandemic and 

Here are some of the important notes from this episode:

  • July 2018 is when she started taking care of herself and lose weight
  • Annie talked about how it's going during the pandemic
  • Annie shared how she continues the journey of helping people
  • How she keeps herself motivated during this time
  • What's gonna be the best practices before performing for a kids audience next
  • When is her plan to do the next show
  • Many more from Annie on this episode, listen now.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page

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Download Your Free Resource: The Imposter Syndrome Lecture