Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers: Arousers

Last time I talked about words that convey you’re in the business of delivering great results. Now in this new installment of Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers, I’ll tackle another set of words that can help you get the results you want from your readers.

When aiming for a soft sell (that is, subtly persuading a potential customer to hire or buy from you by appealing to their emotions and building a relationship with them instead of using psychological pressures to get a quick sale), it’s necessary that you paint a picture in your reader’s mind of how much easier their life would be when they purchase your products or services.

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And to do this, you have to use certain words that help conjure up these images and emotions that will highlight the benefits your services bring to your potential clients. Here are some words that you can try inserting in your website content or marketing copy to make that sell easier.

Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers: Arousers

Need ideas on how you can use them in your copy? Let’s go into some examples.

Want your little guests to have rollicking good fun while you mingle without worrying if the kids are getting bored or rowdy? Get my 2-Hour Supreme Show Package and you can relax and actually enjoy your party.

With my sidekick puppet, Lilo the Dino, I bring humor and gags aplenty so expect a party brimming with sidesplitting laughter.

Treat your guests to a show where they can watch enchanting bubble creations being made right before their eyes. It’s likely to be an experience—and a party—they won’t forget.

Just one thing to keep in mind: don’t overdo it. Pick only several of these image-invoking or emotion- rousing words and make sure to use them far apart from each other. Too much in one paragraph, much more in one sentence, will turn off and annoy your potential clients. Use just enough to paint a picture and make them see the value of what you’re offering.

Download Training Tip 62 - Copywriting Basics: Arousers


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