Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers: Power Boosters

Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers: Power Boosters

Last time we listed attention-grabbing words that you can use when writing content for your website, email, or marketing materials. This time, we’ll tackle words that add oomph to your copy.

When writing any kind of content, the last thing you want to sound like is bland and boring. Luckily with just the right amount of power-packed words peppered throughout your copy, you can add strength to your website or marketing content.

What are these words? We list some of them below.

Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers: Power Boosters

The trick here is to use these words sparingly. Use too much and you sound like you’re exaggerating, making your reader think twice about believing you. You only need a few of these words put in the choicest of places throughout your copy to create an impressive, commanding effect.

Let’s look at some examples.

Instead of saying:

“Your party guests would be glued to their seats, watching my magic show.”

Why not insert riveting or spectacular to describe your act?

“Your party guests would be glued to their seats as they are treated to a riveting magical performance.”

See the difference? There’s certainly nothing wrong with the first one. But then the effect is just okay—nothing special, nothing memorable. The second one, on the contrary, packs a punch. The word riveting is not an ordinary word, and using it here makes your description—and your magical performance—stand out.

Placing power-boosting words to your headlines is also a terrific idea. Headlines and even subheadlines serve as titles or indicators of what’s in the body text that follows them, so using powerful words in your headlines will entice your readers to actually read your content.

Look at these examples:

Looking for a Superb Magical Storyteller That Gets the Kids Listening?

Astonishing Kids with Breathtaking Magic Tricks

Splendid Face Paintings Your Guests Might Not Want to Wash Off Their Face!

If you read these headlines in an email or a poster advertising someone’s services, won’t they make you want to continue reading?

Now it’s your turn. Go over the list of words above and see how you can use them in your copy. You don’t have to be a writer to pull this off. Just give it a go and you’ll see what you can achieve with a little list and a bit of imagination.