Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers: Attention Words

Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers_Use These Attention Words

When writing content for your website, you have to take care of the words you use. After all, whatever is on the page constitutes what can be considered your very first conversation with your potential client.

And if you want to lead a mum or an event organiser searching for a magician, balloon twister, or face painter right to your website and make them stay there, or to convince them to read your email, your words have to instantly grab attention, pique their curiosity, and be more interesting and memorable than your competition’s. And for these purposes, some words are just plain better than others.

What are these words? We list them here in this new series called Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers.

In this first installment, we provide you with a list of words that will help you rouse curiosity and catch and command attention.

To use them properly and thus make your copy more effective, we recommend using them in questions. By posing questions to your reader, you are giving them the sense that you are talking to them directly. What’s more, you are making them think of an answer, thus increasing engagement. And that’s what you want—engagement.

For example, if you ask your reader, “Do you want a hassle-free yet insanely fun birthday party for your child?,” you’re instantly addressing your reader’s concern, thus grabbing their attention and convincing them to read on because you obviously understand what they’re looking for. (It’s also reads a lot better than a bland “I provide entertainment services for kiddie parties.”)

So without further adieu, here are attention-grabbing words that you can use in your website content and emails to ensure that your readers click through and read what you have to say.

Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers: Attention Words