Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers: The Very Best

The Very Best: Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers

Last time we talked about what power-packed words you can use in your website or marketing copy to make it stellar. Now we’ll go into a different set of words with a distinct purpose—convince your readers to pick you over your competition.

When choosing among different options, we always look for the best value for our money. The same is true with your potential customers. You therefore need to come across as someone who can provide the best services they can find. And to convince them that you are the best at what you do, you not only need to show them that you truly do deliver (via photos, videos, and your previous clients’ testimonials), but you also need to tell them.

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By using this effective combination of showing and telling that you are the excellent choice, you’re leading your potential client to perceive you as, hands-down, the excellent choice.

So what are these words that can help you persuade people to go with you instead of someone else? We list them below.

Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers: The Very Best

Again to achieve the best results, it is important to back your word with somebody else’s—your previous (and very impressed) clients’. Let them speak for you, and then speak directly to your target reader.

Just a note here. When using these words, use them as much as possible while you’re addressing your clients’ needs, instead of shining the spotlight continually on yourself. Keep the focus on their needs, on their problems, and how you can solve those for them.

So instead of saying:

I am a first-class magical entertainer in Hampshire. With four years of training under the top people in the field, I am exceptional in close-up magic and ventriloquism.


Need a first-class magical entertainer in Hampshire to give your child the best birthday party ever? With my exceptional close-up magic tricks and unbelievable puppet skills gained through years of training, all your guests are sure to have the time of their life and come home thinking you have just thrown the most unforgettable party they’ve ever attended.

See how the focus of the first is you and your accomplishments and the second your prospective client and their needs? Keep that in mind when writing your content. Address your readers’ pain points and mention what you can do to take care of those pain points for them. They would truly be convinced that you are the very best in your field if they can surmise that you really do understand what they’re looking for.

Download Training Tip 55 - Copywriting Basics for Kids Entertainers


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