KEH087: Power Up Your Performance

Kids Entertainer Podcast 087 Scott Green: Power Up Your Performance

Power Up Your Performance:

Kids Entertainer Tips on Projecting the Right Image to Handling Disruptions in Your Show to Writing Comedy That Suits You

Want a tighter routine, more control, and a more refined show? Lawyer turned kids entertainer/street performer/game show champion/author Scott Green shares brilliant tips on how to do all this to help you power up your performance.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • From being a lawyer to a kids entertainer
  • Scott’s experience in street performing
  • Performing in a suit: “Dress for the job that you want.”
  • How he keeps the audience focused and engaged without yelling or too much animation
  • Tips from game shows that you can apply in kids and family shows
  • Tips when performing on TV
  • Why he keeps on innovating and his 6 key questions to help you find the weak spots in your props or routines and improve them
  • Comedy writing tips: Working backwards and Chekhov’s gun principle
  • Is it a good idea to hire a comedy writer?
  • Thoughts on the future of kids entertainment

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Scott Green’s book Excellence in Family Magic

Kids Entertainer Academy

Scott’s KEA lecture Power Up Your Props

Scott’s book Excellence in Family Magic

Penn Jillette’s story of busking

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Download KEH Training Tip 127 - Power Up Your Performance: Extended Notes