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Over 600 authority resources covering all aspects of starting, running and managing a successful kids entertainment business

Hundreds of New Tricks and Routines  - The Resources section is packed full of sure fire commercial routines, tricks and bits of business that have been tried and tested over thousands of performances.

Business Resourcess - High authority business resources that show you how to market yourself successfully, what to charge, how to generate enquires, contract management, what to put on your website, what to say on the phone to increase conversion and all aspects of running a profitable kids entertainment business.

Modular Training Courses - Comprehensive formal Training with over 500 world-class video tutorials, downloads, audio files, graphics packs and documents.

Lecture Library - Hours and hours of quality lectures covering a wealth of topics. The lectures on KEA are like going to a top kids entertainer convention and hearing from the world best, but without having the expense of the hotel, travel, loss of work while there.

24 / 7 Access - KEA pools the expert knowledge of the worlds most successful kids and family entertainers and brings you the stuff that works. All in one easy to access resource portal that you can access 24/7 365 days a year from any device that connects to the internet..

Take a detailed look at what's in the KEA Resource

Build Your Magic Show

There are over 30 hours of HD video in Build Your Magic show, plus extra audio lesson and, downloadable pdf's, all reinforced with exclusive interviews from David Kaye, Michael Finney,  Ken Scott, John Kimmons, Robert Baxt and more.

This is training of the highest level in kids and family magic that will jumpstart beginners, provide focus and direction for advanced amateurs while unearthing gems and nuggets of commercial material for professionals.

Balloon Workshop Blueprint

If you like working with kids and family audiences this will interest you.
If you have any empty Monday to Friday slots on your Booking Calender this will interest you.

The crazy thing is that you don’t need any balloon twisting experience to entertain kids and get income from doing the balloon workshop blueprint.

Bookings During School Holidays

The popular new stream of income for kids entertainers entertainers who want full booking calendars over traditional school holiday breaks. It’s the balloon twisting workshop that requires next to no balloon skills.

GMD Formula

GMD Formula - A step by step online course showing children and family entertainers how to add variety and versatility to their magic shows
71 HD Videos taking you step-by-step through every aspect of combining Games, Magic and a kids Disco.

Real world magic routines complete with lines, bits of business and handling techniques.

Over 8 hours of footage including 2 full shows walk you through how you can use games, magic and disco to take your show to the next level. The formula ensures total engagement from the children from beginning to end.

Preschool Master Plan


Learn the 3 s’s … the system, the shows and the ‘sell’ that allow you manageable weekday bookings where you leave home after peak hour traffic, you get parking at the door and you get to work inside in comfort.

If you want to be pre booked ahead, year after year, if you want to be able to create new educational shows with ease, if you want to expand your growth and reach and credibility as a professional children’s entertainer.

Mastering Adwords to Get Bookings

Learn how to use Google to Boost Your Enquiries

Magic Tap shows kids and family entertainers how to setup and manage a successful Google Pay-Per-Click Adwords campaign that works for you.

Learn to use paid media and avoid the expensive traps that most entertainers fall into.

Have complete control of how every cent is spent and learn to understand how to measure whats working and whats not.

Kids Entertainer Academy is currently closed for new members

We will be opening the membership for new members shortly.

Please add you name and email address to the waiting list below and we will be in touch.

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The Resource Section

Hundreds of tried and tested routines, magic tricks and comedy gags.

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Lectures from the Experts

Over 40 hours of Lectures in the Library

KEA gives you access to the world's top kids entertainers from the comfort of your own living room.

Lectures topics vary and cover areas such as performance, character building, new routines, audience management tips, working in niche markets such as school assembly or library and we also cover the business and promotion side of being a kids entertainer.

You can watch the lectures in the KEA lecture library.

Learn from top names like David Kaye and Doug Scheer using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Some of the lecture topics that are waiting for you in the library

How to be Original Being an Entertainer - Entertaining Older Kids -  Dealing with Parents - Better Performance - Getting bookers to say YES! - Writing Effective Copy - How to Entertain Children - Rolled Gold Ideas and Routines - Wisdom from the $1000 Birthday Party Entertainer - Getting the Best from Your Sound System - Learn Why You Need a Booking Contract - Tips and Tricks to Paint Simple 2-Minute Designs Like a Pro - Make a Splash in the School Show Market -  Tap into the Library Show Market & Add More to Your Clientele - Grow Your Business Further with the Right People - Meet This Year Head On with a Strong Game Plan - Learn How to Do Job Ads, Applicant Interviews, & Job Offers - What do you stand to gain from having your show professionally directed? -  Make Your Performances More Fantastic with the Perfect Tracks - How to Spice Up Your Audience Reactions with Emotions - Use Sponge to Entertain Audiences - Entrances, Transitions and Closers for Your Kids Shows - How to Create New Shows - Take Workshops - Income Stream - Techniques for Making Funny & Fun Shows - How Kids Entertainers Can Stand Out from the Crowd and Earn More Doing It - Marketing with the Great Zucchini - A Lecture on Sharpening Your Recall - A Look into the Creative Aspects of Children's Entertainment - Tap into This Valuable Source of Income Bring in the Laughs to Bring in More Bookings - Thrill Audiences with These Easy-to-Do Party Games & Effective Party Formula - A Lecture on Captivating Your Audiences for Kids Entertainers - Create Contracts for Your Staff for Your Peace of Mind - Ridiculously Simple Ways to Generate More Income in Your Entertainment Business - Learn the Guidelines and Fundamentals of Stage Craft to Help You Improve Your Performances - Bring Your Routines to the Next Level with More Effective Props

KEA Lecture David Kaye Successful Magic Routines
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Kids Entertainer Academy is currently closed for new members

We will be opening the membership for new members shortly.

Please add you name and email address to the waiting list below and we will be in touch.

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