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KEH089: How to Get Your Audience Laughing

Kids Entertainer Podcast 089 with Alan Rich: How to Get Your Audience Laughing

How to Get Your Audience Laughing Want more ideas on how to get your audience laughing and respond to on-the-spot situations in a winning, witty manner? Comic magician Alan Rich talks about this, as well as jokes, gags and more, in this interview. Hit play and get ready to learn.

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KEH087: Power Up Your Performance

Kids Entertainer Podcast 087 Scott Green: Power Up Your Performance

Power Up Your Performance: Kids Entertainer Tips on Projecting the Right Image to Handling Disruptions in Your Show to Writing Comedy That Suits You Want a tighter routine, more control, and a more refined show? Lawyer turned kids entertainer/street performer/game show champion/author Scott Green shares brilliant tips on how to do all this to help…

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KEH081: How to Be Funny

KEH081 David Devito: How to Be Funny - Comedy Tips for Kids Entertainers

How to Be Funny: Comedy Tips for Kids Entertainers As entertainers, we usually worry if we are funny enough. And it’s understandable. Laughter is a good indication (though it is by no means the only indication) that our audience is indeed being entertained. If comedy is something you wish you’re better at, or if you…

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