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KEH087: Power Up Your Performance

Kids Entertainer Podcast 087 Scott Green: Power Up Your Performance

Power Up Your Performance: Kids Entertainer Tips on Projecting the Right Image to Handling Disruptions in Your Show to Writing Comedy That Suits You Want a tighter routine, more control, and a more refined show? Lawyer turned kids entertainer/street performer/game show champion/author Scott Green shares brilliant tips on how to do all this to help…

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The #1 Way We Know to Create a Successful Show

No. 1 Way We Know to Create a Successful Show: Tips for Kids Entertainers

Is there gold right under your nose? There probably is and you just can’t see it. Here is a simple exercise we are going to do. It’s simple but it’s probably one of the hardest things we’ll ever do. First, we have to honestly, hands on our heart, say that we have accepted a particular…

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KEH 041: How to Improve Yourself as a Kids Entertainer

How to Improve Yourself as a Kids Entertainer In kids entertaining, as in any other field, to stagnate is to become irrelevant and boring, so it’s essential that you learn how to improve yourself and your shows if you want to stand out and stay ahead. And to help you do just that, balloon and…

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