KEH 042: Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers

KEH042 Lyndsay Cambridge

Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers

The right words can entice, persuade, and move. And with this treasure trove of copywriting tips specifically geared towards children’s entertainers, you’ll learn which to pick and craft into the right content for your website.

You’ll be surprised at how doable it is to get more people clicking through your site and booking you by just shifting the focus of the words on your page. You’ll also learn what content marketing is and how you can make it work for you as professional copywriter Lyndsay Cambridge discusses this and more in this podcast.

So we urge you to take the time to listen. This just might be one of the best investments of your time you’ll ever make this year.


In this episode we discuss:

– What copywriting is and how Lyndsay got into it

– How important good website content is

– An awesome free tool that you can use to check your content for errors

– Excellent tips on writing content for your website

– What a marketing avatar is and why it is important to think about your customer when writing your website copy

– How to find your writing voice

– What content marketing is


Resources mentioned in this episode:


Lyndsay’s Website

Lyndsay’s Twitter


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