KEH 042: Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers

Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers The right words can entice, persuade, and move. And with this treasure trove of copywriting tips specifically geared towards children’s entertainers, you’ll learn which to pick and craft into the right content for your website. You’ll be surprised at how doable it is to get more people clicking through your…

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What Is Instagram?

An Introduction to Instagram for Children's Entertainers

Stephen von Spiegelhauer, also known as the White Wizard, has turned the photo-sharing app Instagram into his marketing machine. Here he discusses some Instagram basics that will get you on your way to making Instagram work for you, too.

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KEH 009: Behaviour Management Tips for Kids Entertainers

Behaviour management tips for kids entertainers

Behaviour Management Tips for Kids Entertainers If you work as a professional kids entertainer you will recognise that delivering a good performance is a balance between having good skills to entertain and being able to manage the audience. Managing kids behaviour can sometimes be a real challenge but this is made doubly difficult when you…

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Your 40 Top Tips for Kids Entertainers

We asked 40 kids entertainers one question… What is the one thing you wish you had known before becoming a children’s entertainer? In this post you will find tips, wisdom and technique from 50 kids entertainers. The answers came in from face painters, clowns, jugglers, magicians, costume characters,  balloon twisters, ventriloquists, kids musicians, circus artists…

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