behaviour management for kids entertainers

Behaviour Management Tips for Kids Entertainers

If you work as a professional kids entertainer you will recognise that delivering a good performance is a balance between having good skills to entertain and being able to manage the audience.

Managing kids behaviour can sometimes be a real challenge but this is made doubly difficult when you end up having to manage grownups behaviour as well. How often have you been out there doing something truly special to make the children smile only to have a gaggle of chatting adults spoil the moment?

In this episode of the Kids Entertainer Podcast, children’s entertainer Ken Kelly shares some audience management techniques that get both parents and children eating out of your hand.

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In this episode:

– Understand the importance of setting your performance area and where many kids entertainers fall short.

– Find out how to get every adult in the room hanging on your every word.

– Discover how important it is for you to to take charge at a gig and lean how to do it.

– Get insight into the different types of behavioural patterns we are likely to see as children’s entertainers.

– Learn some behavioural management techniques that you can use at your next gig that will make a big difference.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Ken’s Floor Plan download 1

Ken’s Floor Plan download 2

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