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Just follow these 5 easy steps:

1. Sign into iTunes with your Apple ID and password.

*If you don’t have iTunes yet, you can download it from here. You can use the app whether you’re on a PC or a Mac.

**If you don’t have an Apple ID yet, just open iTunes and go to the Store menu. Choose Create Apple ID.
2. Find us on iTunes here. Or you can click on the iTunes Store tab and type “Kids Entertainer Podcast” in the search bar.

How to find the KEH Podcast on iTunes and leave a review

3. Once you are on our podcast page, click on the Ratings and Reviews tab.

KEH iTunes Ratings and Reviews Instructions_Ratings and Review Tab

4. Give us stars! (One star means very poor and five stars mean we rock!)

How to Give Star Ratings on iTunes

5. Click on Write a Review and type away. Be sure to hit Submit when you’re done!