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KEH084: How to Make Your Own Contract

Kids Entertainer Podcast 084 with Michelle Uulf: How to Make Your Own Contract

How to Make Your Own Contract: Tips on Creating a Simple Binding Contract for Kids Entertainers Legal gibberish turns off many of us, and that may be why you’ve put off having your own contract in place. Drafting one also seems like a painstakingly meticulous business as you need to cover a lot of bases.…

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Can I Use This Music?: Copyright for Kids Entertainers Part 2

Music Copyright for Kids Entertainers Part 2

In part 1 of this two-part article on music copyright, David Bilan answered questions on music ownership, penalties for infringement, and ways to legally use the tracks you need. Now he goes on to share more options that children’s entertainers have regarding songs and sounds for their shows.

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Who Is the Most Popular Entertainer at a Kids Party?

Who Is the Most Popular Entertainer at a Kids Party?

We here at Kids Entertainer Hub wanted to know the answer to this question. We started researching but all we could find was what other entertainers thought, so we commissioned a paid survey of 1001 women aged 25 to 44 years. We now have a clearer idea of what a parent thinks about when booking…

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KEH 044: The Psychology of Play

The Psychology of Play See Performing for Children from a Fresh Perspective Play is such a big part of a child’s life, and it’s astounding at times how we as kids entertainers often don’t think about the psychology behind it and view what we do in its light. Professional clown Adam Zimmerman has made it…

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Communication: What Are You Trying to Say?

Communication Tips: What Are You Trying to Say?

Part 5 of the 10 Essential Techniques That Professional Kids Entertainers Do Not Share In my last article, we covered how to create a character brief. Now, let’s go into how you can communicate well with your audience to make sure they are engaged all throughout your show.

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KEH 042: Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers

Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers The right words can entice, persuade, and move. And with this treasure trove of copywriting tips specifically geared towards children’s entertainers, you’ll learn which to pick and craft into the right content for your website. You’ll be surprised at how doable it is to get more people clicking through your…

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KEH 035: Marketing Tips for Kids Entertainers

Marketing Tips for Kids Entertainers Know Why and How You Can Promote Yourself Easily to a Wider Audience Looking for some much-needed, easily applicable marketing tips specifically for kids entertainers? You’ll find them and some thought-provoking insights and even an awesome free webinar right here.

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What Is Instagram?

An Introduction to Instagram for Children's Entertainers

Stephen von Spiegelhauer, also known as the White Wizard, has turned the photo-sharing app Instagram into his marketing machine. Here he discusses some Instagram basics that will get you on your way to making Instagram work for you, too.

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