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KEH 024: Breaking Into the Kids Entertaining Market

KEH024 Hanson Family Title Graphic

Breaking Into the Kids Entertaining Market The Hanson Family’s Story of Persistence, Planning and a Vision for Their Future Having world records for juggling and unicycling proved of little value in breaking into the kids entertainment market compared to learning basic comedy, kids psychology and good marketing techniques. Join the Hanson Family Circus Troupe as…

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Rubber Chicken Nuggets – Charlie Frye

Kids Entertainer, Charlie Frye

Welcome to this series of interviews that originally appeared in Rubber Chicken magazine. Editor and publisher Peter Aubery has made them available for the Kids Entertainer Hub audience. They include … Charlie Frye, Jimmy Carlo, John Kimmons, Bill Abbott, Michael Diamond, Paul Daniels, Sylvester The Jester …

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Adding Circus To Your Act with Danys Hamel Part1

Circus Skills Tips For Kids Entertainers Hello from Canada. I’m Danys Hamel and I love performing a mix of circus, juggling and magic for children’s and family audiences. I have been a professional kids entertainer for 25 years. In this series for Kids Entertainer Hub I am going to cover 6 areas and give you some…

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