KEH 125: The Juggle of Life

The Juggle of Life

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Welcome to Season 6 chapter 125 of the Kids Entertainer Podcast! Lucy Spielberg from UK is our guest in this episode. She is a circus workshop teacher, support worker for children with disabilities and kids entertainer.

Here are some of the important notes from this episode:

  • Lucy came from a difficult situation in her life and needed to find work
  • She chose to be in the community circus instead of any other opportunities
  • She taught herself to juggle using potatoes during her apprenticeship
  • Lucy eats onion in her shows and she juggles it as well
  • She became a manager of a charity shop when she tried to build a career outside kids entertainment
  • Lucy was offered a good deal to be in the corporate world but she chose to be in the entertainment world
  • After two years on her comeback she decided to up her game and take a circus and clown course
  • Her grandmother used to call her ‘Lucy lock it’ and that is where she got ‘Lucy Lost It’

Lucy’s story is very inspiring and full of value, make sure you listen to this episode and learn from her.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page

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