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Breaking Into the Kids Entertaining Market

The Hanson Family’s Story of Persistence, Planning and a Vision for Their Future

Having world records for juggling and unicycling proved of little value in breaking into the kids entertainment market compared to learning basic comedy, kids psychology and good marketing techniques.

Join the Hanson Family Circus Troupe as they discuss highs and lows, insights and revelations that come from taking on the Library Show market.

In this episode we discuss:

– Who is the Hanson family troupe

– How the family got into juggling, unicycling, and breaking world records

– How understanding the psychology of children helped build their confidence as performers and made their act better

– How they found the right audience in library shows

– What learnings they picked from David Kaye’s Seriously Silly book (e.g., the Look, Don’t See technique) and Julian’s Build Your Magic Show course

– The difference between being a show-off and being an entertainer

– What triggered them to study kid psychology

– How scripting your show can make you more bookable

– How they find gigs and market themselves, particularly to librarians (hint: word-of-mouth works wonderfully)

– How audiences love a family act

– The elements that gets clients clicking through your website and booking you

– How to get client video testimonials that help build massive credibility

Who is the Hanson Family:

Mark and Christa Hanson Press Shot

Mark: Taught himself to juggle at 16. Set two Guinness World Records for three-ball speed juggling at the age of 58.

Christa Faye (The Mom): Set a Guinness World Record by creating the world’s largest paper snowflake at 14 feet 6 inches (4.42 meters) across. She passed her level one unicycle test when she was 7 months pregnant with child number 5!

The Hanson Family Kids Hero GraphicChrista Berit (21-Year-Old Daughter): Taught herself to unicycle at age 7. Became a North American Unicycle champion at age 8. Can skip rope on a five-foot giraffe unicycle and is building up to skip rope on a seven-foot unicycle.

The Four Other Hanson Kids: Anna (19), Matthew (17), Luke (15) and Caleb (12) have twice performed a pregame and halftime juggling and unicycle show with their dad and sister Christa Berit for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters basketball team. The Hanson family has been invited to perform again for the Globetrotters in 2016.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Seriously Silly by David Kaye

Build Your Magic Show

Mark’s Speed Juggling Record

Christa’s Snowflake Record

Hanson Family Globetrotter Pre-Game Show

Hanson Family Globetrotter Half-Time Show

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