Kids entertainer Danys Hamel shows how you can learn how to juggle. The image shows a boy juggling four oranges.

Follow kids entertainer Danys Hamel from Canada as he shows you how to juggle so you can entertain your audience all the more.

Last episode, Danys showed advanced techniques in balancing objects. (Did you give them a go?)

Now we move on to lesson 3 in this 6-part series.

1. Simple Balancing VIDEO

2. Advanced Balancing VIDEO

3. How to Start Juggling VIDEO

4. Advanced Juggling Tricks VIDEO

5. How to Ride a Unicycle VIDEO

6. Advanced Tricks with a Unicycle VIDEO

How do you think will you fare at juggling? It might be difficult at first, but don’t let that frustrate you. Just keep at it and you’ll be juggling in your shows soon enough.

Next episode, we’re going to look into what an experienced kids entertainer puts into a juggling act for kids and family audiences. Watch out for that one!