Adding Circus to Your Act with Danys Hamel Part 4

Kids entertainer Danys Hamel's Adding Circus to Your Act Part 4

Follow kids entertainer Danys Hamel from Canada as he shows you how to take your juggling to the next level.

Last episode, Danys showed you how you can learn to juggle. (Did you give it a go?)

Now we move on to lesson 4 in this 6-part series.

1. Simple Balancing VIDEO

2. Advanced Balancing VIDEO

3. How to Start Juggling VIDEO

4. Advanced Juggling Tricks VIDEO

5. How to Ride a Unicycle VIDEO

6. Advanced Tricks with a Unicycle VIDEO


There you have it. Follow the tips discussed to make your own juggling balls and try some new juggling tricks—with one hand or two. I know you can do it.

Next episode, you’re going to learn how to unicycle. Exciting? You bet.