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Marketing Tips for Kids Entertainers

Know Why and How You Can Promote Yourself Easily to a Wider Audience

Looking for some much-needed, easily applicable marketing tips specifically for kids entertainers? You’ll find them and some thought-provoking insights and even an awesome free webinar right here.

In this podcast, premier mentalist and marketing aficionado Ken Dyne elaborates on the passion that serious kids entertainers feel for their art and on the essential part that marketing plays in this business we love. He shares not just what marketing strategies you can do as soon as your next show, but also why it’s important to market yourself in the first place.

Best of all, Ken tells you all about an upcoming webinar where you can learn how to get better audience reaction without changing a thing in your act. If you can’t wait to sign up for it (and you really shouldn’t wait as the slots are limited and the webinar’s free), go to now!

In this episode we discuss:

– How — and why — Ken went from focusing solely on entertaining to trying his hand at marketing

– Examples of really simple, easy-to-do marketing that kids entertainers can do

– One question that every kids entertainer who is passionate about what he or she does should try to answer

– One lesson: The amount of gigs you get is not directly proportional to how good you are as a performer

– An advice that seems like a paradox: Raise your price to get less but more quality engagements, but also do more shows at a lesser price to be better at your art and get more marketing opportunities (and why do both)

– Ken’s webinar on how you can improve the reactions you get from your audiences without changing any of your existing material

– Ken’s parting food for thought

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Signup page for Ken Dyne’s FREE webinar “How to Get Much Better Reactions from Your Audiences”

Ken Dyne’s Website

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