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Why Us?

38 online courses

68 instructors

201 students

For only $50/month,

KEA Club Members enjoy these perks:

122 powerful lectures to help you master your skills

38 masterclasses to help you pull off impactful and memorable performances

55 resources such as worksheets, trackers, guides, infographics, quotes and many more to help you run a more profitable business

1 Weekly All-Hands-On-Deck Meeting

What is KEA?

Take a peek inside Kids Entertainer Academy (KEA)

your show is about to get these type of results:

But First, Let's find out more about Why KEA

Think of it as Hogwarts for kids entertainers today.

KEA, or Kids Entertainer Academy, is an exclusive online school for talented and goal-driven kids entertainers who are tired of living the feast and famine cycle and want to step up their entertainment game.

KEA membership gives you access to over 600 valuable resources, covering all aspects of starting, running, and managing a successful kids entertainment business.

It offers a comprehensive collection of training resources and expert knowledge for kids and family entertainers to help them stand out from the competition.

KEA is your go-to resource for first-class professional development courses, lessons, and tools.

Unlock these game-changing resources today! 

Want to learn some effective tips, hacks, and strategies

to level up your performance and earn more?

Check out the Kids Entertainer Podcast!

It’s the best podcast on the planet, where you’ll find timely and relevant topics to help you in your pursuit of the kid’s entertainer life you dreamed of.

As if the podcast were not enough,

check out more proven tips and recommendations on how to put on high-caliber performances that will leave your audience begging for more… and yes, skyrocket those sales!

Costume characters, super heroes and anyone else who wears a wig or mask, this is the place for you.

If you want to discover what kids and family magicians do then this is the place for you. Doug Scheer and Christopher T Magician kick

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to join the Club yet? We get it!

Check out these cool resources and

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and live the kid’s entertainer life that you deserve,

And it doesn’t have to take years.

With a KEA membership, you’ll get all you need to sharpen your skills as an entertainer and learn the business side of things so that you can become the highly-paid, fully-booked kids entertainer you dreamed of.

Get access to a $50 month-to-month membership

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Cancel any time.

All This For Exactly $50 Per Month -

a flat rate, no matter how many marketing assets we have added to the club.

Yes! For as long as you remain a member, you’ll get the most updated resources in the membership so you can apply the strategies and techniques that work, and ditch the old, predictable, and less useful ones.

Learning has never been this flexible and convenient.

Annual membership –

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$500 for a FULL YEAR Kids’ Entertainment artistry (save $100/year!)

No monthly billing. Get 24/7 unlimited access to all resources, courses, and lectures all year long!

It will only take 2-3 gigs a year to recover your investment. Plus, the annual billing saves you $100 a year that you can use for other business expenses or to treat yourself. 

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Gain Mastery and Get Into The Groove

Once you get the KEA membership, you can start learning at your own pace according to the suggested tracks.

Everything I know about productivity

Facebook marketing tips 01

Generous business masterclass

KEA weekly newsletters

KEA lecture the importance of great studio shot

KEA resource 21 day business challenge

Package crafting and quotes

SEO for kids entertainers

KEA state of the union report

selling made easy

Build your magic show

Big magic for little people

Close up magic course going pro

Close up magic course find passion

Magic for toddlers

Teach and Do magic tricks

Games magic disco

Audience management coaching

Entertaining older kids

Beginners guide to children's entertainment

Comedy and clowning masterclass

Creativity boosters

Laugh getters

Clowning with ukelele

Going into facepainting

One balloon system

Soap bubbles

Circus skill workshop

Balloon storytelling

Balloon workshop blueprint

Themed birthday parties

Balloon workshop blueprint

Clowning video reviews

Ruti tamir

Escape the screen

Creating a funny persona

Soap bubbles

Games magic and disco formula

Soap bubbles

Preschool master plan

Balloon birthday recipe

Build your magic show

Want To Learn Something Specific?

Great! The KEA course has different topics grouped into relevant categories. Check out some of them below!

It’s Easy To Get Stuck In The Feast Or Famine Cycle

when you don’t know:

Where to find reliable resources to level up your performances

How to get more gigs from your dream clients

How to make your clients keep coming back for more

The effective strategies to reach out to prospects who might be willing to pay more

How to run a profitable kids entertainer business successfully

When this happens, something has to be done to steer your biz in the right direction.

Do it faster and easier

KEA Club Members Enjoy These Perks

Save time and get results fast by cherry-picking what you need to learn

Hate marketing? Marketing packs make selling your service easy, fun, and effective.

Weekly mastermind group meeting - for consistent learning, conditioning, growth, hand-holding, and support

Over 100 powerful lectures to help you master your skills

Access to a high-engaged community of like-minded people

24/7 access to all lectures so you can binge-watch to your heart’s content

Experience The Incredible Results KEA Members Are Getting

“I just want to say thank you guys for putting these awesome podcasts and resources together. I'm feeling energised and inspired and I feel some new big directions coming on! I've gotten something wonderful out of each and every podcast!!!”

Jenelle Watkins

“I absolutely love what I do and can't wait to diversify my shows. KEA is just awesome.

I still can't believe I am where I am, and it's all thanks to what you do here on KEH and KEA. You have changed my whole life, so, from me and my Family, a huge THANK YOU!”

David Forsyth, UK

“I've already learned so much in just a few days!! Thank you. I love the podcasts because they're so chock full of information, that it's like a buffet. Take what works for you, pay attention to what else is there in case you want to come back for it later.”

Alison Mass

Join The KEA Club Today!

Monthly Membership

Only $50 per month

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The KEA Club membership comes with 125 lectures, 38 courses, and 55 resources for only $50 per month.

A: Yes, you can cancel anytime. But please know that we give credit for each month you stay with us. After 6 months, you get one course for free for as long as you are a member. You can get your money back 30 days after becoming a member.
A: You can watch the videos on all of your devices, including your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and computer. Learning had never been this accessible and convenient.

A: Members who commit to a full year in advance save $100 annually! That means you have a hundred bucks to spend on other things that’ll help your business.

Your 100% – No-Risk Guarantee

At Kids Entertainer Academy, we hold ethics as a core value.

We truly believe that you will get immense value if you become a member of the Kids’ Entertainer Academy.

If you join and feel dissatisfied, you have 30 days to let us know, and we will refund 100% of your money. No questions, no fuss. That’s our promise to you. 

Learn From The Experts

The Key To Becoming A World-Class Kids Entertainer And Crushing Your Goals Lies In Your Commitment To Continuously Learn And Improve — Both As A Performer And A Businessman.

Here At KEA, You Will Learn From The Best Of The Best In Their Fields.

Zivi Kivi

Andrew Smith

Uri Weiss

Annie Banannie

Barry Mitchell

Ben Cale

Brant Matthews

Christopher Weed

Christopher T. Magician

Bri Crabtree

Buster Balloon

Caity Byrne

Carisa Hendrix

Christopher Lyle

Dave Brenn

Cris Johnson

Dan Chan

Danny Schlesinger

Coby Elimelech

Colette Kelly

Colin Dymond

Eric Henning

Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Doug Scheer

Drew Ripley

Duane Laflin

Elisa Griffith

David Kaye

Jeff McBride

Jim Kleefeld

Eric Knaus

Keith Fields

Gemma Parker

Greg Mcmahan

Guy Sheffer

James Munton

Katie Rosa Marchese

Julian Mather

Meadow Perry

Michelle Uulf

Matt Falloon

Jonah Babins

Jonathan Burns

Julia Haffaker

Matan Rosenberg

Michael Messing

John Kimmons

Leanne Courtney

Ken Kelly

Kyle Groves

Mitch Zeltser

Nathan Roberts

Ori Livney

Regina Martinez

Siobhan O’Loughlin

Robert Baxt

Ruti Tamir

Sara Meyer

Scoop McCoy

Scott Green

Shachar Erez

Simon Sparkles

Romi Shamai

Steve Wickenton

Tchia Altar

Tom Hughes

Tom Vorjohan

Lilja Hamann

Gal Baz

The KEA Lecture Library

You’ll get access to 4-8 monthly lectures and replays of over a hundred previous lectures of successful kids entertainers.

The topics include performance tips and techniques, business, marketing, and the kids entertainment industry.

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Listen To Tons Of Value-Packed Lectures In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Because We Seriously Want You To Win, You Get Access To An Ever-Growing Stash Of Lectures Without Paying Any Extra On Top Of The Membership Fee.

More Than A Hundred Game-Changing Lectures Are Waiting For You To Delve Into.

Supercharge Your Skills, Level Up Your Marketing Strategies And Increase Your Profit.

Get ACCESS TO ALL Of Them By Joining The Club.

Why do I need to join KEA?

When you are on our own, you can only do so much.

But when you have a solid community behind you,
you’ll be around people who want to help you and provide opportunities and education to get you to the next level.

KEA is your one- way ticket to becoming the excellent kids entertainer who people will want to have at their events over and over again.

You’ll get everything!

You’ll get everything! — the mindset, the tools, and the effective strategies to level up your skills and succeed fast in this very dynamic industry.

Learn Faster

Learn at your own pace. Go back to some important trainings anytime you want. The jam-packed lessons are right at your fingertips.

Perform better

All of the lessons in the membership catalog are about different topics that help you become great at performing and marketing your biz.

Earn More

You’ll get access to tons of resources and done-for-you templates that aim to help you market yourself effortlessly and effectively.

And of course, you always have another person on the other end of the line who can support you through anything that may come up.

You’ll also get access to exclusive weekly group coaching

and mentoring sessions that will help you solve your current business problems and generate more sales.


Hey there!

I’m Ziv, a former kids entertainer, a business super coach and a serial entrepreneur.

My hunch is that you stumbled upon one of my podcast episodes, videos, or blog posts, or that someone you trust mentioned my name. Whatever the reason, I’m really grateful you’re here.

You won’t ever regret spending time here because we have tons of incredible resources to help you make the most of your talent.

And while you’re here, join our email list and take advantage of our weekly resources, ideas and course updates that are designed to improve your craft and business as a kids entertainer.

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Kids’ Entertainer Academy was created because of a North Star. That is to help every kids’ entertainer level up their innate skills and talents, so they can stand out from the growing masses of entertainers and become as fully booked as they want to be.
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