KEH 039: How to Get More Bookings from Your Website in 2016

KEH 039 - How to Get More Bookings from Your Website in 2016

How to Get More Bookings from Your Website in 2016

It’s a new year and there’s no better way to start it right for your kids entertaining business than by learning how to get more bookings.

If you’re like many children’s entertainers, you feel rather out of your element when it comes to websites, SEO, call-to-actions, conversions, and all that. You don’t feel “techy” at all. So either you don’t have a website or you have one but it’s not putting you in front of more people or earning you more bookings.

In this podcast, we resolve to help you with that problem. Ken Kelly discusses in crystal-clear, non-technical speak how you can make your website work for you so you can boost your sales. Understand what conversions and trust elements are, how you can apply the 5-second rule, and how you can motivate more people to get you for their parties and events. Come and have a listen and help set yourself up for a bigger, brighter year this 2016.


In this episode we discuss:

– What are conversions and how to get them

– Lessons we can learn from Ikea

– The 5-second rule and how to make it work for you

– How to motivate your booker to take action

– What your website should say and why

– Trust elements and how to use the halo effect to get bookings

– Free software you can use that tells you what your booker is doing on your website


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Colour Picker (Paletton)


Muse Website Design



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