KEH 033: How to Create a Successful Library Show

KEH 033 - How to Create a Successful Library Show

How to Create a Successful Library Show

Get some tips on how to run a successful library show from a young professional ventriloquist, Meghan Casey.

Meghan got her hands on puppets early in life. She started learning ventriloquism at 5, attended her first vent convention at 6, and did her first library shows at 11. Now 20 years old, Meghan continues to pursue her passion and keep kids engrossed and entertained with her puppets. Just last library season, she had 100 shows!

So what’s her secret for booking so many gigs and being a success at what she does? Find out in this podcast.


In this episode we discuss:

- How Meghan got started in ventriloquism and gave a show at her first ventriloquist convention at 6

- What resources she used to master ventriloquism

- How she got started doing kids shows

- How she writes her shows and how her current show goes

- How she comes up with the personalities for her puppets and manages her nerves

- Her tips for performers, especially young ones

- Her plan for her future (hint: a combination of a medical degree and ventriloquism)

- What makes a good show

- Meghan’s favorite audience

- How she injects comedy into her shows and entertains kids and adults alike with it

- How she connects with her audience

- Her tips for both young and established performers on how to get shows

- Some of her “horror stories”

- What ventriloquism means to her

- Her advice for those who want to be a ventriloquist


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Maher Ventriloquist Studios

Vent Haven ConVENTion

Steve Axtell Puppets

Meghan’s Website


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