KEH 129: Turning Pro on Performing and Ventriloquism

Turning Pro at Performing and Ventriloquism Welcome to Season 6 chapter 129 of the Kids Entertainer Podcast! Colin Dymon from UK is our guest in this episode. Today we talked about ventriloquism, puppetry and magic. Here are some of the important notes from this episode: Colin is a veteran for 24 years and performed all…

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KEH 033: How to Create a Successful Library Show

How to Create a Successful Library Show Get some tips on how to run a successful library show from a young professional ventriloquist, Meghan Casey. Meghan got her hands on puppets early in life. She started learning ventriloquism at 5, attended her first vent convention at 6, and did her first library shows at 11.…

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KEH 026: Ventriloquist Tips: How to Manage Kid Audiences Effortlessly

KEH026 - Ventriloquist Tips - How to Manage Kid Audiences Effortlessly with Mark Wade Featured Image

Ventriloquist Tips: How to Manage Kid Audiences Effortlessly Whether you’re a seasoned ventriloquist or a kids entertainer considering adding puppets in your act, Mark Wade has a wealth of practical tips for you that you can apply as soon as your next show. Named America’s number 1 children’s ventriloquist and awarded the International Ventriloquist of…

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Rubber Chicken Nuggets — John Kimmons

John Kimmons talks with Peter Aubery about magic, ventriloquism, and kids entertaining. In the image, Kimmons is gasping while looking at his blue puppet with bushy eyebrows

Welcome to the third instalment of this series of interviews that originally appeared in Rubber Chicken magazine. Editor and publisher Peter Aubery has made them available for the Kids Entertainer Hub audience. In this series, Peter Aubery picks the minds of kids entertainers Charlie Frye, Jimmy Carlo, Bill Abbott, Michael Diamond, Paul Daniels, and Sylvester…

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How To Be Different From Other Kids Entertainers

kids entertainer, Brian Richards

In our first episode we discussed 9 benefits of creating your own routines.  In this episode, I want to briefly discuss how to differentiate yourself from the competition.  Now before you jump ahead and start guessing the answer, the most important that will tap into your creative edge is….

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Your 40 Top Tips for Kids Entertainers

We asked 40 kids entertainers one question… What is the one thing you wish you had known before becoming a children’s entertainer? In this post you will find tips, wisdom and technique from 50 kids entertainers. The answers came in from face painters, clowns, jugglers, magicians, costume characters,  balloon twisters, ventriloquists, kids musicians, circus artists…

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