KEH 116: Creating Puppets Educational Shows

Creating Puppets Educational Shows Download Your Free Resource: a lecture by Colin Dymond about how to add emotion to your PuppetClick here to get your Add Emotions to your Puppts FREE Lecture Welcome to Season 6 chapter116 of the Kids Entertainer Hub! Lauren Agnew from Australia is our guest in this spectacular show. Today we talked…

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KEH 110: Balloon Workshops Tips and Getting Paid for Charity Work

Balloon Workshops Tips and Getting Paid for Charity Work Welcome to the 110th episode of Season 5. Our co-host for this episode is Danny Schlesinger. We open the episode with a debate about Balloon Workshops. Particularly, when is the best time to inflate the balloons prior to the workshop. We also shared our thoughts about…

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KEH050: Adding Puppets to Your Kids Show

Adding Puppets to Your Kids Show

Adding Puppets to Your Kids Show: Tips for Children’s Entertainers Looking to Add More to Their Act Ever thought of adding puppets to your kids show? This episode just might give you the nudge you need to give it a try. In this podcast interview, professional magician and ventriloquist Tom Crowl shares the difference that…

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KEH 033: How to Create a Successful Library Show

How to Create a Successful Library Show Get some tips on how to run a successful library show from a young professional ventriloquist, Meghan Casey. Meghan got her hands on puppets early in life. She started learning ventriloquism at 5, attended her first vent convention at 6, and did her first library shows at 11.…

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Rubber Chicken Nuggets — John Kimmons

John Kimmons talks with Peter Aubery about magic, ventriloquism, and kids entertaining. In the image, Kimmons is gasping while looking at his blue puppet with bushy eyebrows

Welcome to the third instalment of this series of interviews that originally appeared in Rubber Chicken magazine. Editor and publisher Peter Aubery has made them available for the Kids Entertainer Hub audience. In this series, Peter Aubery picks the minds of kids entertainers Charlie Frye, Jimmy Carlo, Bill Abbott, Michael Diamond, Paul Daniels, and Sylvester…

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KEH 006: Creating A Brand of Kids Stories and Toys

Creating a Brand of Kids Stories and Toys: One Entertainer’s Tale of Vision and Commitment Tom Hayes knows about obstacles and the determination needed to overcome them. Follow the story of how a handful of tiny beans have given one man the energy to see his vision of a range of kids storybooks, audio books,…

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