Kids Entertainer Hub 044 - The Psychology of Play with Adam Zimmerman

The Psychology of Play

See Performing for Children from a Fresh Perspective

Play is such a big part of a child’s life, and it’s astounding at times how we as kids entertainers often don’t think about the psychology behind it and view what we do in its light.

Professional clown Adam Zimmerman has made it a point to do so. He focuses on the communication in play when performing for kids (and in fact, even adults). With a degree in theatre and a certification in the art of clowning, Adam applies this perspective during his shows to better engage his audiences.

Listen in on his discussion of the psychology of play so you can add this useful bit of insight to your performing arsenal to better inform your shows and audience interaction.


In this episode we discuss:

– Adam’s journey in children’s entertainment

– How communication is key to keeping an audience engaged and entertained

– The psychology of play and how it applies in children’s entertainment

– Tips on how to keep that element of play

– Tips for engaging the adults during children’s parties

– Adam’s Dino Project


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Adam’s Website

Adam’s Dino Project

Eccentric Adam’s Facebook Page

The Dino Project Facebook Page


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