Local SEO for Children’s Entertainers

Local SEO Tips for Children's Entertainers

Last time I talked about some SEO basics and how SEO can get you more bookings. This time we’ll look more closely at local SEO. What Is Local SEO? SEO is the process of moving your website higher up the search engine results in order to increase your web traffic. Local SEO is the same…

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What Is SEO and How Can It Help You Get More Bookings?

What Is SEO and How Can It Help You Get More Bookings

The goal of every children’s entertainer is to have a full diary. But without a steady stream of enquiries, this isn’t always an easy task. Your website is one of the best tools you have to generate new enquiries. But there’s just one problem—people need to be able to find you online! You could always…

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KEH 042: Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers

Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers The right words can entice, persuade, and move. And with this treasure trove of copywriting tips specifically geared towards children’s entertainers, you’ll learn which to pick and craft into the right content for your website. You’ll be surprised at how doable it is to get more people clicking through your…

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Top 5 Kids Entertainer Website Gripes

Top 5 Kids Entertainer Website Gripes

Do any of these website issues seem familiar? Websites are a necessary evil in this digital age. We kids entertainers rely heavily on our website to keep our bookings flowing and our cupboards full. But it turns out that the topic of websites conjures up images of big hairy monsters and feelings of discomfort and…

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