KEH 031 - Martin Huntbach

How to Rank Well on Google: SEO Tips for Kids Entertainers

Many kids entertainers are daunted by the word SEO, but in this episode, SEO expert and guru Martin Huntbach shows you how easy it is now than ever before to rank well on Google.

A graphic designer-turned-SEO trainer, Martin is not only the owner of an SEO company, but he is also the creator of a course where business owners can learn about SEO without the geeky, technical speak.

According to Martin, a recent study “estimated that 89% of consumers use search engines when making a buying decision, and another study showed that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results.”

With this information in mind, we clearly see how important it is to be visible in search results. So come and take the first step to getting your website appear on Google’s first page - listen to this podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

- How Martin let go and then rekindled his passion for graphic design and then eventually became an SEO expert (and got himself on the first page of Google!)

- What is SEO and is it hard to do?

- How local SEO works

- How you can optimise your website for local search and outrank big businesses

a. How to let Google know where your business is based (Martin shares a free tool and a major tip here!)

b. What is a keyword, particularly a long-tail keyword? Why is it important to do a keyword research if you want to rank well in searches? (Another free tool here!)

- How easy it is today to optimise your website for SEO

- Where you can get a step-by-step guide for SEO: Martin’s SEO Pro School

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Martin’s SEO Company

Martin’s SEO Pro School

Martin’s Free 10-Minute SEO Video

KEH Podcast 28 with Colette Kelly: The Top 3 Factors That Make Your Kids Entertainer Website Ineffective

Google My Business

Google Keyword Planner

Martin’s Blog

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