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KEH083: How to Improve Your Presence

Kids Entertainer Podcast 83 with Robert Baxt: How to Improve Your Presence

How to Improve Your Presence: Kids Entertainer Tips for a Stronger Performance and a More Responsive Audience As entertainers, we want our audience to have their eyes glued to us, hanging on our every word and applauding with delight. And more often than not, the key to achieving this lies not so much on the…

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KEH052: How to Bond with Your Audience

How to Bond with Your Audience: Tips for Kids and Family Entertainers

How to Bond with Your Audience: Performing Tips for Kids and Family Entertainers Many children’s entertainers start out thinking it’s the magic tricks, the puppet handling skills, the balloon twisting designs that’s going to make them a stellar and successful performer. All those technical stuff are important—no doubt about that—but the KEY to being a…

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Are You An Original Kids Entertainer?

Kids Entertainer, Robert Baxt,

Remember the third Indiana Jones movie? In the opening scenes, we see young Indy as a boy scout thwarting some thieves in a great chase scene that establishes Indy’s fear of snakes. At the end of this section, the head crook gives Indy his fedora, and we realize that Indy’s look and leather jacket style…

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Baxt’s Bits of Business Part 1

Stage Presence For Kids Entertainers I do many shows each month. Recently, at a “family night” stage show held at a school, the principal came up to me afterwards excited to talk to me about my performance. I had slipped in some new tricks and ad-libbed some jokes, but I was surprised that she didn’t mention…

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