Kids Entertainer Podcast 83 with Robert Baxt: How to Improve Your Presence

How to Improve Your Presence:

Kids Entertainer Tips for a Stronger Performance and a More Responsive Audience

As entertainers, we want our audience to have their eyes glued to us, hanging on our every word and applauding with delight. And more often than not, the key to achieving this lies not so much on the tricks or routines we have prepared (although of course they are an integral part of how to get that reaction), but on our presence.

In this interview, comedy genius Robert Baxt talks all about improving our presence and he gives anecdotes and specific examples along the way to illustrate his points. He also shares a lot more in this episode, so we recommend hitting the Play button right now.

Download KEH Training Tip 129 - How to Improve Your Presence: Extended Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Robert’s background in law
  • How to read the mood of an audience and get them to respond
  • What do clients pay you for and the audience applaud you for, your magic or your presence?
  • Is it a good idea to simplify your show/performing setup?
  • Getting the audience emotionally involved
  • Robert’s one major tip for professional entertainers
  • Outsourcing what you’re not good at: Robert’s comedy writing services
  • Improv and theatre training: are they recommended for kids entertainers?
  • The importance of being present and aware

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Kids Entertainer Academy

Robert Baxt’s KEA lecture Presence: The Magic Ingredient

Robert Baxt’s website

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Download KEH Training Tip 129 - How to Improve Your Presence: Extended Notes