KEH072 Barry Mitchell: Entertaining with Sponge Magic for Kids Entertainers

Entertaining with Sponge Magic:

Tips on How to Delight Audiences with Foam

Sponge balls are simple, versatile, highly effective magic props that kids entertainers of any discipline can use in their act to bring about smiles and please audiences. And we discuss them in this interview with no less than the sponge magic expert, Barry Mitchell.

Hit play and learn how sponge balls are manufactured; how you can insert them in your act whether you’re a magician, face painter, or vent; and even how you can add a touch of genius to your shows by tapping into your own creativity.

Download Training Tip 146 - Entertaining with Sponge Magic: Extended Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Barry chose to work with sponge balls
  • Barry’s philosophy on entertaining
  • Why Barry focuses on yellow sponge balls
  • Creating a performance routine: script first or trick?
  • How sponge balls are made
  • The future of sponge magic
  • How can face painters and ventriloquists use sponge magic
  • How to spark or improve your creativity

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Download Training Tip 146 - Entertaining with Sponge Magic: Extended Notes