Keeping Everyone Engaged and Working for Tips
The Right Way

It’s episode 103 and we have a new co-host for this episode. It’s Annie Bannanie! This was also recorded at her birthday so Happy Birthday Annie Bannanie!

In this episode we talk about how to get everyone engaged in the show. Not only the kids but the adults too. Lots of tips for you to consider from Annie and Zivi’s combined experience in doing shows. We also tackled how to choose a character name for your show and all the important thing to consider when picking a name. Lastly, the hot topic of the week: working for tips. Is this cool or not cool? Let’s dive in!

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
: Brook from California asked..

“What is your biggest challenge keeping the kids engaged and also what do you do to get the adults involved in whatever you do?”

Keeping the children engaged. Paying attention to them is the very best thing you can do for a kid. 

For a parent. Giving the kids an amazing experience will make the parents happy. Understanding the adults experience will help you to be engaged with them.

Tips from the Vault
What do I call myself?

This link will work for both KEA members and non members:

Module 1 Lesson 8.1 What do I call myself?

Is changing your name important? Many entertainers use a codename or a stage name for a show. If it explains your personality and it brings smile to people’s faces then your name is cool. However, there are some important things to consider in choosing a name.

1)  It is important that your website name matches your stage name.

2) Check with muggles because they respond differently.

3) We have 9 pages with all sorts of names that you can download.

4) Also make sure that no other entertainer is using the same name.

Hot Topic
: Working for Tips. Is that cool or not cool?

For Annie, If you’re seriously busking and if in your area there’s a lot of buskers then that’s okay! 

For Zivi, if you’re that brave and that talented to do busking – it’s cool to work for tips. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page


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Download Your Free Resource: Keeping Everyone Engaged and Working for Tips the Right Way - Extended Notes