How To Be The Cool DJ and Fill That Dance Floor

How To Be The Cool  DJ and Fill That Dance Floor

What songs fill the dance floor and when is the best time to play them. More tips for kids entertainers…

In my previous article, I explained kids disco party ideas on how to have a handful of games to help fill up that 2 hour disco party.

Let’s now talk about the music and I will be aware that Kids Entertainer Hub is worldwide so I will cover music tracks and tips that will cover you where ever you may be entertaining.

The Birthday Star Top Ten

I try and make each party as personal as possible to the birthday child whatever age they are. By email we get the parents to send a Top Ten list of the birthday stars favourite songs. These are then included to dance to or as background tracks to a game. More often or not that list seems to exceed that number but I’m normally there for 2 hours and there is plenty of time to include the requested music. It makes the Birthday child feel special that I have played their favourite songs and will keep them on the dance floor.

Party Songs/Action Dances

These songs are the main ingredients of any Disco party and as we know trends will change where ever you are based. Over the years here in the UK there has been some classic floor fillers including The Macerena – Reach For The Stars- The Fast Food Song- The Cha Cha Slide – YMCA – The Ketchup Song – Hey Baby- Gangnam Style – What Does The Fox Say-Happy etc. As you can see there more than enough to fill any children’s birthday party.

What not to play

Unfortunately times have changed and there is an increase in songs which the lyrics may be unsuitable or there may be explicit word used in the song. These are often by a well known artistes and it can be quite frustrating because they will be a very popular song in the charts. As my age group spans 5-12 years of age there will be a variety of song requests which also can be influenced by an older siblings. My music is supplied by a company which are only radio edits so no embarrassing swear words. I often check songs and their lyrical content and if I’m not happy with what the song is about I will not play it even if it’s a clean version. I will always advise parents of a song that I’m not happy with. Sometimes the parent might even say it’s one of their favourite songs please play it and it does’nt matter. It does matter and  what if another parent complains about the song. Its only one song and we have a 2 hour party to fill and most important of all its my reputation as a Kids DJ specialising in kids parties.

The Party Mix

We have the requested songs/action party dances and games but how do we put it all in the mix. As we know children have a very short attention span so having a variation of music games and party dances will stop them getting bored.

After my introductions and warm up routine its time to use that excited energy for the party. I will request the children find a partner or two (there may be odd number of children invited) and play one of the popular lively songs of the moment.  Join in with the children on the dance floor comment on what cool dancers they are. Walk around interacting, Hi-Fiving some of them by doing this you are making that connection with the children. Show some of your dance moves or perhaps your worst, it will get a reaction. Follow this up by an easy game e.g.  Musical statues, see my version from my previous article. Now, it’s time to do a party action song in which it could be boys v girls to add to the fun. So a simple repetition of requested song followed by a party game and then action party dance should be enough for an enjoyable party.

You can even invite the parents to join their children on to the dance floor in a dance off with a popular action song. This have been proved very popular as they say, in show business have a big finish and this is used to finish the first half before the food break. A similar dance off or parents/kids song is used at the end which provides a fun ending with a packed dance floor of children and their parents.

Final Note

You will be aware I have included the song Gangnam Style among the party dances and yes It does have the words  “Sexy lady “. This song is so popular it would be hard not to include it.  I know the song very well and will either turn the volume down when the words are going to be mentioned or talk over replacing with instructions to do or adding alternative words e.g. Happy Birthday/Jelly and Ice Cream /Turkey and Gravy. You will find this confusing at first but then amuse the children next and they will join in with your version.

I hope this has added insight into how my disco parties work and please feel free to add any questions or your thoughts.

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