Can I Use This Music?: Copyright for Kids Entertainers Part 2

Music Copyright for Kids Entertainers Part 2

In part 1 of this two-part article on music copyright, David Bilan answered questions on music ownership, penalties for infringement, and ways to legally use the tracks you need. Now he goes on to share more options that children’s entertainers have regarding songs and sounds for their shows. Both the American Society of ​Composers and…

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Can I Use This Music?: Copyright for Kids Entertainers Part 1

Music Copyright for Kids Entertainers Part 1

Questions on music copyright usually come up in any discussion among kids and family entertainers. To help shed more light on this matter many of us feel we need to learn more about, David Bilan has kindly shared this pack-load of information. See it below. I work for the US Army producing videos. Our facility…

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KEH070: Using Backing Tracks in Children’s Shows

KEH070 Mark Beckwith on How to Use Backing Tracks for Your Childrens Shows

Using Backing Tracks in Children’s Shows: Kids Entertainer Tips for Adding Sound Effects and Music to Make Your Production Bigger & Better Among the tried and tested ways to make any show outstanding is to add backing tracks. Music and sound effects do make performances livelier, funnier, and more professional, and they even allow you…

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How to Have a Successful School Disco Party

DJ and Kids Entertainer Richard Welsh on How to Have a Successful School Disco Party

In my last article, we discussed what songs to play at a kids disco party. Now that you know what music can fill the dance floor, it’s time to look into a specific kind of party–the school end-of-term disco or some other big school dance event. In this post, I’ll show you how you can apply normal birthday…

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KEH 010: How To Use Music To Entertain Kids

How to Use Music to Entertain Kids with Richard Welsh Richard Welsh, Kids DJ and children’s entertainer, talks about how to use music to entertain kids, what kind of music to use, how to stay up to date with what kids enjoy, including watching Disney and children’s films…

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Songz4kidz Part 1

Kathy Prosser aka Kathy Possum with Songz4kids in this Kids Entertainer Hub exclusive

I’ve got an idea for a Kids Song – Now What? So you’ve had an idea for a kids song for while now and its going nowhere in a hurry. Whether its sitting in the back of your mind, on a scrap of paper in a drawer, in a notebook in the bottom of a…

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Children’s Disco Parties – It’s Not Just About The Music Part 1

Dance Floor Fillers: Kids disco party ideas and tips A strange title for a specialist Kids DJ you say! Before I offer advice about music content and how to have a successful children’s disco party it’s always in the preparation.  I always have a list of games to play because children will not constantly dance for…

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