KEH 040 - Creating a Positive Impact on Your Audience

Creating a Positive Impact on Your Audience

Whenever you go out to do a show, do you ever think about how you are creating a positive impact on your audience? If you’re like many kids entertainers, probably not. And it’s understandable. More often than not, there are more pressing, more practical matters to focus on, like how you can get to your next gig on time or how you can keep that kid near the back from causing more disruption.

At the end of the show though, or after a day of gigs, you probably sit back and relish the rewarding feeling you get from knowing that you’ve made a bunch of kids happy or more confident of themselves. In this podcast, Barry Mitchell, aka the Entertaining Encourager, shares his musings and insights on exactly this—the impact you leave on your audience as a kids entertainer. He also touches on creativity, audience participation techniques, and a great story about each person’s potential.

Come and listen and you might pick up something beautiful in this episode.


 In this episode we discuss:

– How Barry got started in creativity

– How the more you practice creativity, the more creative you get

– How Barry became the Entertaining Encourager

– The importance of thinking about what impact you’re making and the emotional connection you are establishing with your audience

– What inspired Barry to combine magic and storytelling to bring an educational or moral message across

– How he learned about how audience participation techniques can help achieve more engagement

– Barry’s peanut story (a beautiful story)

– Barry’s Facebook group that you should be a part of

– Insights into being a great kids entertainer (it’s about the other person, not about you)

– The Creativity at Sea cruise conference that he created with Tim Sonefelt

– His parting message: “Treat people like a star and they would always shine back at you”


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Barry’s Website

Barry Mitchell Products

Barry’s Facebook Group

Tim Sonefelt’s Website

Tim’s Wonder Imagery Website


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