Matt Martin's Balloon Twisting Series: Breaking into the Balloon Biz Part 3

Balloon Designs for the Starting Balloon Twister

In my two previous articles, you’ve learned what are the basics of balloon twisting and how to build your first balloon kit. Now it’s time to build your repertoire so you can start doing professional gigs as a children’s balloon entertainer.

If you’re just beginning with balloon twisting, you may be asking how many designs do you need to know before booking your first party or what are the most popular balloon designs. You certainly don’t have to be an expert outright and build massive sculptures, but you don’t need to make boring one-balloon animals either.

From time to time, people start threads on Facebook groups or balloon twisting forums asking what the top balloon designs are. The one thing you can learn from these threads is that there is no clear answer to this question.

With that said, here’s a list of 15 fairly easy, popular designs to get you started, including links to tutorials for each one.

Don’t feel like you have to know how to do each of these at the start. Also, you can switch up the designs from the ones provided in the links. If you ask a hundred balloon twisters to make you a top 15 list, you’ll probably get close to 1500 different suggestions. If you learn most of the balloon designs in the above list however, you’ll be in great shape to get started working professional gigs!