Balloon Twisting

Breaking into the Balloon Biz Part 3

Matt Martin's Balloon Twisting Series: Breaking into the Balloon Biz Part 3

Balloon Designs for the Starting Balloon Twister In my two previous articles, you’ve learned what are the basics of balloon twisting and how to build your first balloon kit. Now it’s time to build your repertoire so you can start doing professional gigs as a children’s balloon entertainer. If you’re just beginning with balloon twisting, you…

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KEH 027: How to Brand Yourself as an Entertainer

Kids Entertainer Hub Podcast 027 - Buster Balloon - How to Brand Yourself as an Entertainer Thumbnail

How to Brand Yourself as an Entertainer Invaluable Tips and Insights for Kids Performers To achieve any kind of success in kids entertainment – and in fact in any industry – knowing how to brand yourself effectively is as essential as creating an applause-worthy show. Learn how to do just that from this week’s podcast…

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KEH 022: YouTube Tips For Entertainers with Cody Williams

Kids Entertainer Hub Episode 022 - Cody Williams YouTube Tips for Enterainters

YouTube Tips for Entertainers with Cody Williams Balloon Twisting, Unicycling, Restaurants, Birthday Parties, Performing and more… YouTube is a great free resource for kids entertainers to find tutorials. YouTube is also a great place for children’s and family entertainers to raise their own profile. Learn these YouTube tips for entertainers from Arizona resident, Cody Williams.…

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Breaking In To The Balloon Biz Part 2

Kids Entertainer Hub Breaking Into the Balloon Biz ep 2 Matt Martin alloon Twister

Building your first balloon kit Before you can go to your first gig, you’re going to need some form of balloon kit. Unless you plan on showing up and just making one balloon dogs and swords (please don’t), you won’t want to rely on just your assorted bag of balloons. Nope – you’re going to…

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KEH 007: TV Appearances and More For Kids Entertainers with Sandi Masori

Sandi masori KEH 007

TV Appearances and More for Kids Entertainers with Sandi Masori Taking Your Kids Entertainment Business to the Next Level Discover the mindset and strategies Sandi Masori used to turn her small local balloon twisting and magic party service into a business that lets her travel to high end trade shows and events and has gained…

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Breaking In To The Balloon Biz Part 1

kids entertainer, matt martin

Knowing where to start is the most challenging part of any new interest, and balloon twisting is no different. Whatever the case, if you want to know where to begin with balloon twisting, this is the right place! … Perhaps you’ve never performed as a kid’s entertainer and you want to start with balloon twisting.…

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KEH 004: Promotional Merchandising for Kids Entertainers

Annie Banannie Kids Entertainer Podcast

Promotional Merchandising for Kids Entertainers How kids entertainers can add some marketing zing into the relationship with their audiences and clients. Balloon Storyteller Annie Banannie uses the same creativity she puts into stage shows, school assemblies and library summer reading programs to lift her marketing and promotions to a higher level …

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10 Secrets of Successful Entertainers Part 1

Successful Kids Entertainers Are Malleable I was a lousy street performer.  Balloon busking in Harvard Square was hard. I’d try and build an audience, and it would devolve into a sea of people asking me for a balloon.  When I managed to build a circle and pass my hat, I was still asked for “just one…

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