Annie Banannie Marketing Mashup for Kids Entertainers

Business Cards For Kids Entertainers? Yes or No

Join balloon twister and creative storyteller Annie Banannie and discover her pet creative marketing tips. It starts off with a not often heard call …

I don’t have business cards. I don’t believe in them.

Annie Banannie Kids Entertainer No business cardsYes, I want you to have my info, so you can hire me right away because you have an immediate need for my services.

But realistically, this only happens about 5-10% of the time. And that’s just not a good enough return on my marketing efforts.

If I hand you a small piece of cardboard with my picture, my info, a description of what I do, and maybe even a list of all the types of events I can help you with, what are you going to do with it? You might look at it. If you’re really techie, you’ll scan it into your online address book. But most likely, that card gets put on your desk or ends up at the bottom of your purse, stuck to an elderly piece of candy.

But it’s still just a piece of cardboard. If you’re not inspired to keep it, love it, share it, treasure it, or otherwise take action on it, I might as well have not given it to you.

Annie Banannie Kids Entertainer

So why do people use business cards?


A business card is often the beginning of trust for a business relationship. It’s the first step to establishing that person as who they say they are: “VP of Sales, Some Fancy Software Company.” If I meet a lawyer or a doctor, or other type of regular corporate type, I like to see their business card because of that need for them to establish trust. And it shows they know how to do the business/corporate thing.

But an entertainer handing me a business card? Really?

Business cards are for muggles.

Annie Banannie Kids Entertainer No Business Cards

Does this guy look entertaining?

You’re an entertainer. Entertain. Spread joy. Give Gifts.

Remember when you were a kid and you got clothes for Christmas? Yes, you needed them. But TOYS were what you valued and remembered.

Getting a business card is like getting socks for Christmas. Yes, socks are useful, but unless they’re amazing socks, they probably won’t bring you joy. And all you will remember about them is that your mom made you write a thank you note to Aunt Bertha anyway.

But what about the legitimacy question?

Your work is your legitimacy. Your amazing performance, your incredible art, your website, your online videos and promo pages, your customer service, every interaction you have with a potential client.

The power of surprise and delight.

Muggles ask for your business card because you’ve made a positive impression. They’re expecting a small piece of cardboard. Delight them (and bring a little of your magical world to them) by giving them a little magic trick they can do for their friends, or a frame for a picture of their kid with your balloon creation, or a toy, etc.

Presentation of the Gift
You can take this moment of delight even further by making the presentation something special as well. Remember, it’s a gift. Show them how special it is by telling them a little something about it – “This hand-made magic trick was woven from llama wool by an old lady in Tibet.”

So what’s my real goal for my promo materials? My Gifts? I want you to remember me. I want to build a relationship with you.

Next month, I’ll talk about more ways you can use your wonderful promo Gifts.