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Annie’s Marketing Mashup Part 3

Three presents wrapped up nicely and sitting on a flat table

Designing Memorable Gifts: A Guide for Kids Entertainers If you checked out my last article, you’re probably doing fun, creative promotional materials by now that both your little audience and your taller clients adore. Now it’s time to look into creating gifts that you can give to make a more permanent, more positive impression.

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Get These Free Kids Party Giveaways: Cootie Catchers!

Who among us hasn’t played with cootie catchers at one point in our lives? These pieces of origami, which are also known as fortune tellers, chatterboxes, or whirlybirds, are perfect not just for kids, but also for all types of kids entertainers. Whether you’re a face painter, balloon twister, or magician, you’ll be certain to…

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Annie’s Marketing Mashup Part 2

Annie Banannie Kids Entertainer Hub Marketing Mash Up Part 2 Promo Materials

A Kids Entertainers Guide To Promo Materials Have you thought about doing this your with promo materials? Last time we took a fresh look at business cards for kids entertainers. Let’s expand on that and look at what we can offer in place of them …

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Annies Marketing Mashup Part 1

Business Cards For Kids Entertainers? Yes or No Join balloon twister and creative storyteller Annie Banannie and discover her pet creative marketing tips. It starts off with a not often heard call …

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