KEH 038: Acting Tips for Children’s Entertainers

KEH038 Richard Ribuffo

Acting Tips for Children’s Entertainers

Acting tips are good not just for actors; they’re great for kids entertainers as well. By applying some acting lessons on your magic shows, balloon twisting, and even face painting, you can make yourself a better children’s performer. Let Richard Ribuffo share with you how.

Author of Acting for Magicians, Richard has extensive experience both in the field of acting and magic. He has not only directed musicals and films, but also dazzled children with his magic, and he has been doing so for almost two decades now. In this podcast, he shares how bringing his two passions together has made himself a better kids entertainer.

Come and listen to Richard’s interview and learn how you can apply the techniques that actors use to make your kids performances stellar.


In this episode we discuss:

- Richard’s background and how he started using the lessons he learned on acting and magic together and came up with his book Acting for Magicians

- How defining the circumstances under which you are performing can help you create a character for your children’s show

- The danger of confusing acting with performing for children

- Insight into acting and performing for kids (children as your unwitting scene partner) and the crux of Richard’s book: what do you want your audience to do, think, or feel?

- How acting made Richard’s performances as a children’s entertainer better

- Where Richard’s book can be found (you can download the first three chapters for free!)


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Richard’s Magician Website

SoCalKidsMagic Website

Richard’s Acting for Magicians

(Listeners of this podcast can go to  and get a $5 discount for an autographed copy of Richard’s Acting for Magicians book)

Acting for Magicians Amazon Page

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