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Storytelling Techniques for Kids Entertainers

Discover how to create a character and book library shows

What have age, storytelling techniques, library shows, Indiana Jones and Santa got in common?

They are are all part of the world of Stephen Gillham, who has used his age and his looks to create a new character Montana Jones (Indiana’s big brother) to showcase his storytelling abilities in his new library show.

Stephen first came to our attention when we met him at the Kidabra Kids Entertaining Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

He was part of the Santa Jam, a get together of professional Santas. You can hear that interview here on our sister podcast Magician Business Podcast Episode 34.

We talk to Stephen about Montana Jones.  Montana is Indiana’s brother.  He is an explorer and had many adventures just like Indiana, looking for treasure and artifacts.

It gets more intriguing …. all of his artefacts have stories and most have magical effects.


In this episode we discuss:

– Playing to your strengths

– Am I too old to be a children’s entertainer?

– What would you say to others who think age is a barrier?

– What is it about storytelling that you like?

– What is about storytelling that the people who book you like?

– What is it about storytelling that kids like?

– How long is a library show?

– What storytelling techniques do you use?

– What is the process you followed to develop the new character,

– Where do the ideas came from?

– What are the steps you follow to create a stage character?

– Which magic tricks work well in library shows?

– How much magic vs. how much storytelling?

– How do you weave storytelling into library shows?

– The importance of good promotional photos to help you get booked for summer reading programs in libraries.


Montana Smiling - Stephen Gillham - KEH 021: Storytelling Techniques for Kids Entertainers Montana Children Show Small - Stephen Gillham - KEH 021 Storytelling Techniques for Kids Entertainers Wicker Man - Stephen Gillham - KEH 021 Storytelling Techniques for Kids Entertainers

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Stephen Gillham’s Santa Website

The Santa Episode – Magician Business Episode 34: Seasonal Work For Magicians

MB 019:  Why Magicians Need a Professional Photographer

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