You Need To Do More Than Word of Mouth Advertising Part 1

Dale Obrochta Kids Entertainer Marketing Tips

Advertising Tips For Kids Entertainers

I hear silly comments uttered out of the mouths of birthday party entertainers. “My only advertising is word of mouth. It gets me the best results.” Let me translate and tell you what that really means …

“I don’t…
have money to advertise
know where to advertise
have a niche
have marketing skills

The “Internet Gurus” are brain washing birthday party entertainers into believing that the 80/20 rule is the only way to success. If you don’t know the 80/20 rule, it basically says 80 percent of the results of anything usually come from the first 20 percent of the effort you put in. Google it for a more complete understanding. What they don’t tell you is that your 20% is not a constant. It’s a variable and through attrition, and it will slowly dwindle.

If the 80/20 rule really worked, Apple would never need to run advertisements. Apple has some of the most loyal followers and yet, they spend millions of dollars attracting new customers.

The fact is people get older, change careers, move, die, and become tired of a service or product. Look at the restaurant business. If they don’t keep increasing that base 20% with new customers, in ten years they will be going out of business.

Unlike birthday party entertainers, restaurants have an advertising budget, a niche, and they attempt to market themselves or hire a professional to handle their marketing.

So if you are basing your business on word of mouth and not on advertising, expect your birthday party business to dwindle and fail.

You will instantly blame the economy, price gougers, and competition, but it is your inability to generate new leads that is what is making you fail as a birthday party entertainer.

Basic 101 Marking Advice for Birthday Party Entertainers

Create an advertising budget or have the mindset that you will spend money monthly on advertising your birthday party service.

Define your clientele niche – failure to do so is wasting advertising money on people who cannot afford your service

The truth is many birthday party entertainers don’t treat their entertainment service like a business and fail to mentally justify the need to spend money on advertising. It’s an expenditure they feel is too costly, even at $100.00 a month. Yet, they justify spending that same amount on cable TV, dining out, cigarettes, and a bunch of other crud that is not necessary and hinders an entertainer’s career.

My wife and I decided the first year into our marriage that since we where saving to buy a house, we did not need to waste $100 a month on cable TV. That extra $1,200 dollars would be better spent on the down payment of a new house than wasting it on cable. I have resided in my house for 16 years now, and there has not been a day where we haven’t had cable TV.

What can you give up right now and divert those funds into advertising your birthday party entertainment service?

What could you live without? Could you take that extra few dollars a month and use it to advertise your entertainment business? Can you take $100 worth of advertising and double, triple, or multiply it by ten?

If you can do these things, you should never hear a birthday party entertainer utter the words, “I only use word of mouth advertising.”