Annie Banannie Kids Entertainer

Promotional Merchandising for Kids Entertainers

How kids entertainers can add some marketing zing into the relationship with their audiences and clients.

Balloon Storyteller Annie Banannie uses the same creativity she puts into stage shows, school assemblies and library summer reading programs to lift her marketing and promotions to a higher level …

In this episode we discuss:

Annie Banannie doesn’t tell stories to her balloons – boom boom – but she includes balloons in everything she does.

Do you use business cards as a kids entertainer? Hear why Annie doesn’t like or use business cards.

Annie Banannie Kids Entertainer Podcast– The idea of romancing your customers and how can portable bathrooms in Times Square help you create an appreciative following for your kids entertainer business.Annie banannie Bookmark Kids Entertainer Hub

– You might not like bookmarks but kids LOVE them. Discover how you can leverage their popularity with your audiences.

– Photo frames to encourage parents at private events.

– On a budget? Ideas on using the free services that the internet offers.

– Are you running an online kids club yet? Annie utilises this simple idea.

– How to apply the creative process to your kids entertainment promotions.

– Running a story contest to create interaction with children and the parents and teachers while promoting children’s writing.

– Finger puppets. Using puppets to let kids who can’t write yet be able to enter in a story promotion you might run.

– Staying focused, staying on-message with your branding.

Annie Banannie Kids Entertainer interview-bookmark– Looking past your competitors to the strengths of big successful companies to get your marketing ideas.

– Standing out with your promo merchandise at a PTA  convention (Parents Teacher Association)

– Listen to how Annie Banannie has taken the old idea of the Fortune Telling Fish and re designed it into a modern balloon dog for 21st century kids entertainers.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Youtility  … the book mentioned by Annie

Evernote … an online filing cabinet

Trick Balloon Dog   Find out more about Annie’s new promo handout

Find out more about Annie Banannie at Annie’s Professional Sites

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