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How to Be a Balloon Entertainer

Matt Falloon discovered how to be a balloon entertainer from his background in magic. He also discovered that it created a point of difference and let him capture a slice of his market. Lots of great tips…

In this episode we discuss:

– Creating a difference for the customer
– The importance of using a website to show potential clients
– Tips for making your website high impact
– The pros of networking with people in the kids entertainer industry
– Some great ways to prepare for large balloon sculptures
– Tips and tricks for beginners in the industry
– What to avoid when it comes to customer requests
– Matt explains the “Mr Squiggle Effect” and how to use it.
– Tips on how to impress the parents in your act
– How Matt utilises multiple income streams as a kids entertainer
– What to be careful of when playing to the audience according to age groups

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Matt’s Work:

Matt Falloon Balloon Works Compilation

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