KEH102: Essential Marketing of a New Show and Full Body Costumes

  Essential Marketing of a New Show and Full Body Costumes It’s episode 102, and we’re excited to share it along with our second co-host for the season, Regina Martinez, also known as Silly Sparkles. Regina loves sharing her knowledge with everyone and will be one of the three co-hosts of season 5! Today, we…

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A Kids Entertainer Guide to Corporations

kids entertainer, Patrick Slaughter

Why would an entertainer want to “incorporate?” Man when I was first starting to earn a decent living as a performer, this topic caused me more confusion than just about any other as far as business organizations go… Everybody kept telling me that I needed to “incorporate.”   What the heck did that mean?!  Well it turns…

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KEH 001: Telephone Script for Kids Entertainers

Kids Entertainer Podcast episode 01 - Telephone technique for kids entertainers

Telephone Technique Can Increase Your Bookings In this podcast Colette Kelly shares how she doubled her bookings by varying what she was saying on the telephone. Colette has developed a telephone script for kids entertainers that you can download for free below.

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