KEH 001: Telephone Script for Kids Entertainers

Kids Entertainer Podcast episode 01 - Telephone technique for kids entertainers

Telephone Technique Can Increase Your Bookings

In this podcast Colette Kelly shares how she doubled her bookings by varying what she was saying on the telephone.
Colette has developed a telephone script for kids entertainers that you can download for free below.

Colette has kindly agreed to share her ‘sales script’, voice mail message and what she says when leaving a message on a customer’s phone.

This is a working document that guides you step by step to construct your own telephone script that will get your more bookings.

Download Your Free Handout: Telephone Scripts by Colette Kelly

5 Top Telephone Tips

  1. How to answer the phone
  2. When to (and more importantly, when NOT)  answer the phone
  3. How to deal with the customer that “Just want to know how much you charge”
  4. How to appeal to your customer’s emotions and imagination
  5. How to write your own telephone script that sells you in terms of benefits to you customer.

Learn how to move your potential booker from an analytical “how much do you charge” to a warm, fluffy and emotive “oh my child is going to have a wonderful time with you

Colette Kelly

It doesn’t matter what type of kids entertainer you are, part of the booking process will mean speaking with a client on the phone to explain what you do and how you do it.

You will learn

  • The psychology of the phone call, what to say and when to say it.
  • An answer-phone message that will have bookers rushing to your website.

Colette shares crucial information about appealing to your customers emotions and what benefits you can offer them and how to do that.

She share what she has learned from her customers. Having an opportunity to qualify what they were looking for and if what she offers fits their need has been invaluable. Furthermore being able to ‘educate’ the customer about what she does has made a huge difference to the performances themselves. “Good business always leads to more good business.”


Colette’s website where she works as a children’s entertainer in Cheshire England

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Download Your Free Handout: Telephone Scripts by Colette Kelly