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Reaching the Hard-to-Reach Children

Reaching the Hard-to-Reach Children: Tips for Kids Entertainers

Ever struggled working with kids who are extremely shy or who just don’t pay attention? Most probably you have, and if you haven’t yet, it’s almost a certainty you will. That’s why this article by Samuel Boey may prove helpful. Samuel is a speech pathologist/children’s entertainer who has a flair for connecting with children who…

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Poor Behaviour and What to Do About It

Poor Behaviour and What to Do About It: Tips for Kids Entertainers

First off, let me direct you to Seriously Silly by David Kaye. This book has the definitive directory on what to do if you get a behaviour problem during a show. To be honest, I rarely have to use it. (And by the way, I haven’t looked at it while making this lesson. I don’t…

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