Sound Systems for Kids Entertainers with Steve Wickenton

Sound Systems for Kids Entertainers

All kids entertainers can benefit from using a PA system. There are so many sound systems for kids entertainers on the market. But which one?

Steve Wickenton is both a kids entertainer as well as a theatre venue tech co-ordinator, ensuring that all technical things are good for production, including lights, audio and special effects. Steve shares his knowledge about sound, sound systems and microphones and how to use them as a children’s entertainer.

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Kids Entertainer Hub loves answering your questions. It was this question from Balloon Storyteller Annie Banannie that prompted this podcast episode:

“Could you interview someone who could give us a lesson on sound systems? Not just what works for one person, but a general understanding of any sound system. Examples of issues that plague me constantly: How to plug into someone’s sound system. Generally, the different kinds of microphones. How can you tell the power of a microphone or speaker by looking at it? What are the different types of wireless microphones, and how can you use them? Troubleshooting tips for feedback issues.” 

In this episode we discuss:

– What is a P.A System

– What things to consider when choosing your P.A System

– Microphones and types of microphones, which ones to avoid, which ones work best

– How to get the most out of your P.A System

– Set up Procedure

– Tips for feedback

– Techniques for working in a “live” echo prone venue

Feel free to post any questions Steve hasn’t covered on sound systems for kids entertainers or if you want more clarification on a subject, and he will try his best to answer them. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Steve has a great resource about sound systems for entertainers. You can download your PA Systems Guide for Entertainers below.

Download Your Free Handout: PA Systems Guide for Kids Entertainers

Steve’s website:

Steve’s blog series on Kids Entertainer Hub:

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