KEH 037 - Hiring Staff for Your Kids Entertainment Business

Hiring Staff for Your Kids Entertainment Business

Considering hiring staff to help you bring smiles to more kids and give better service to more parents? Then this podcast is for you.

Michelle Uulf, who built her kids entertainment business Kiddly-Winks from the ground up and who currently has 10 people on her team, shares her knowledge and experience on taking on staff. Here she discusses what she looks for in a staff and how she trains and relates with them to have a great working relationship.

Come and listen so you’ll know what to do when you decide to be more than a one-man/woman operation.


In this episode we discuss:

– How Michelle got into kids entertainment

– The groundwork she did when she was starting her business, Kiddly-Winks

– How Michelle started training staff for her kids entertainment team

– What she looks for in a staff and how she establishes rapport with the people working with and for her

– Her philosophy on taking on and handling staff

– The less-than-ideal situations that come up once in a while and how she deals with them

– The thing that sets Kiddly-Winks apart

– Michelle’s tips for those considering to hire staff

– Her aspirations for Kiddly-Winks, her team, and herself

Michelle Uulf Portrait          Michelle Uulf Working at Party

Boys with Zombie and Clown Face Paint          Smiling Child with Face Painted


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kiddly-Winks Website

Kiddly-Winks Facebook Page

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook Page


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